Sell Your California Rental Property

Sell Your House With Bad Tenants FastHow would you like to sell your property without doing any work, without having to pay out of pocket for repairs, and without paying for any real estate commission fees?

Selling your rental may seem preposterous, but there a good number of reasons why you should sell that property.

Does your rental have negative cash flow?

If your property is frequently vacant or you have short term tenants, then surely you’ll understand the stress that this situation puts you under. Any profit that you’v made will be chipped away as the vacancies kick in. Can you afford that drain on your finances?

Perhaps, it would be better to cash in, enjoy the profit, and forget about the hassle of whether you’ll have a tenant or not?

Are you forced to deal with tenants no matter the hour?

Tenants have an amazing ability to call you regarding an issue at the most inappropriate times; most of the time, it’s an issue which they can simply handle themselves, such as change a light bulb or unplug the sink. Why sit and wonder if that phone call is going to be an emergency or not?

Are you dealing with landlord legal issues?

Unfortunately, there are a few tenants who do nothing but cause problems for landlords. They can cause damage, they can break the rules, they can be late with payments, or they can cause a nuisance to those who live around them. As the property owner, it is entirely your responsibility to deal with these issues. Do you really want to be involved in a lengthy and expensive legal battle? Do you want to go through the eviction process and expensive lawsuits that will then come your way? When you look at these kinds of situations, you can understand why others have decided to sell their Oakland rental property.

Property maintenance can and will be an issue

In the state of California, there are laws and regulations which you as the landlord will need to follow. I’m certain that you have e rental agreement which dictates the responsibilities of the tenant and those that you, as the owner of the property, are required to handle. generally speaking, you need to make sure that the property meets certain living standards and that the property has no structural issues.

Do you have the time and cash to deal with current and future maintenance issues? Home warranties and homeowner insurance do not cover the most expensive repairs such as: HVAC, window or roof replacement or foundation repair. Do away with these liabilities and become a better passive investor. There are solutions which allow you to maintain your “mailbox money” and remove the maintenance liabilities. Learn how to become completely passive in your investing. Let’s grab a cup of coffee and discuss.

Are you in debt or struggling?

For most people, selling their rental property is purely a financial decision. Times have been tough. The cost of living in California is rising. Good tenants are hard to find. Repairs may have been expensive, or perhaps you have run up a personal debt and this particular asset can be your way out of a financial predicament. You may believe that holding onto it and working harder to find a good tenant will resolve things, but in fact, it does not.

Sure, you could find a good tenant and ease your financial situation, but what happens when a large repair comes due? Your tenants will demand action and you’ll slip deeper in debt. Selling your property allows you to achieve a better financial future. Stop paying the high interest rates. There are plenty of ways to sell your property and I’d be happy to discuss them one the phone or lunch.

If you’re struggling with your rental property or lack the knowledge on how to effectively manage real estate, then I’d be more than happy to discuss your options. Selling your California rental property allows you to put cash in your pocket and rid yourself of legal issues. The days of dealing with problem tenants can be long behind you.

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