How To Sell My Inherited Property In California

The topic of “how to sell my inherited property in California” is one filled with emotions and questions. Depending on the situation, selling inherited property involves getting rid of personal items and prepping rooms for potential buyers. While the process of selling an inherited home is somewhat similar to most other property selling experiences, why not simplify this process, and potentially save thousands of dollars, by avoiding traditional real estate transactions and letting us buy your newly acquired property.

Preparing the Inherited Property for Sale

Perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of selling a home comes comes down to preparation. Often times, the house is in great need of upgrading and repair. These unexpected costs can run you in the thousands, if not more, and if you weren’t prepared for such an investment, you may feel overwhelmed by sudden expenses.

Along with upgrading and repairing the property, heirs must review the current real estate market. Often times, property is inherited without much notice and it could be an ugly looking house. Instead of going through the traditional process of researching the market and contacting a real estate agent to determine the likelihood of selling your home, turn to a private company who specializes in buying inherited homes in California. While this may seem strange to some, Cyndie specializes in purchasing inherited homes and you won’t have to deal with the lengthy and complex nature of a traditional real estate transaction. here are the true benefits of selling your home to a local home buying company.

Zero Real Estate Commissions

With traditional real estate transactions, the amount of money paid to the home seller is reduced as real estate brokers receive 6% commission of the final sale price. Typically, when a real estate agent and homeowner enter into an agreement, the home seller agrees to pay a commission to the real estate broker in exchange for finding a buyer. This fee is often a percentage of the final sale price, and is often shared between both seller and buyer agents.

Unfortunately, this commission can result in less money being paid to the seller, usually tens of thousands of dollars. If you wish to simplify the selling process while simultaneously maximizing payment for the property, avoid going through the traditional selling path. By choosing a local home buying company, you’re completely avoiding real estate commission fees and closing costs; an essential component of getting the most money for your home.

No Closing Fees

Most of the time sellers cover the closing costs because first time home buyers are broke. Rarely do you see a home buyer that can truly afford a home. Why should you, the seller, front the cost of closing? You shouldn’t!! While the exact amount of these closing fees may vary ($3,000 – $9,000+), home sellers are often expected to pay for:

  1. Transfer Taxes – Sellers are often required to pay for all taxes associated with transferring the property from their name to the buyer’s name.
  2. Notary Fees – These fees may vary, but it’s often up to the seller to cover the costs associated with having documentation notarized to finalize property sale.
  3. Title Insurance Fees – One of the most unexpected costs property sellers are faced with is title insurance fees. While expensive, this procedure is essential when selling your home. The purpose of title insurance is to prevent home sellers fro facing financial or legal recourse due to issues involved in the property sale. We will cover all of the title insurance fees, saving you thousands of dollars in out of pocket expense.

Closing costs can run in the thousands of dollars, which when selling a home, can be far more than you can afford. By working with us, you’re effectively saving yourself thousands of dollars in closing costs as we cover all associated fees. Allow us the opportunity to discuss how to quickly sell your California home. If you like what you hear, then great! If not, I’m positive that I can point you in the right direction.

There are so many moving parts when it comes to selling your home in California; why not simplify this process? Regardless of property condition or location, we’d like to learn more about your home. Call us today and let’s grab a cup of coffee or have a casual phone conversation about how to sell your inherited property in California.

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