Sell My Ugly House In California – A How-To Guide

Do you have a house that’s “ugly”? More than likely, you don’t want to go through the hassle of making it presentable. If you answered “yes”, then I’d like to buy your ugly property, at a fair price, and without real estate fees. This keeps tens of thousands of dollars in commissions and repair costs … Continued

How To Sell A House As-Is In California

We hear it a lot; Homeowners would like to sell their house “as-is” because fixing up an outdated property or a property that needs work is just annoying. There’s more to it than just selling a house as-is. You need to make sure that’s the best route for you to take. So how do you … Continued

How To Sell A Property In Probate In California

How To Sell A Property In Probate In California? If you are searching for information on “How To Sell A Property In Probate” in CA, or anywhere for that matter quickly, the best approach is getting an IAEA approved sale. (Remember, we’re not giving legal advice. You should consult a competent local attorney.) What is … Continued

How To Sell My Inherited Property In California

The topic of “how to sell my inherited property in California” is one filled with emotions and questions. Depending on the situation, selling inherited property involves getting rid of personal items and prepping rooms for potential buyers. While the process of selling an inherited home is somewhat similar to most other property selling experiences, why … Continued